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I have made a decision about MY HEALTH ---and it includes DAILY MASSAGE




Who is e-Motion Massage Recliners!?  We are an American company designing massage chairs for Americans.  If any of you want to create your own job, have an factory, and want to build our massage chairs, then we will be an American company built in America!!  Until then, we are built in China to our specifications!  We sold the last American-made chairs prior to them going out of business.  Every company has the latest and greatest chair in the world.  So do we!!  However, we have a chair that you’ll be proud to have in your family room or den, because it looks like a regular recliner that gives a great massage, instead of looking like something from outer space.



Why have we selected the design we have?  It’s a combination of 16 years of research, medical advice, listening to people’s needs, and common sense.  We will NEVER have leg compression, due to the fact that massage therapists tell us that blood clots settle in the lower legs.  I've always wondered why massage therapists had questionnaires requesting age and any previous surgeries.  Then I found out that people over the age of thirty (30), and those having had surgery, are likely to have blood clots.  Massage therapists therefore give modified lower leg massages.  I have the personal experience of having a friend with blood clots that would not dissolve after surgery, and he had to have a screen put in his artery.  Intense leg massage is not necessary to get stagnant fluids worked up out of the feet and legs.  Good massage increases circulation and that includes the legs and feet. 



Besides the great massage, we are the only company that gives reflexology foot massage.  We have two types of foot massage that can engage every point on the bottom of the foot.  Each point pertains to a different part of the body and different organs.  This ancient science can aid and assist your body to perform better.  We have a high success rate with reversing and, some say curing plantars fasciitis.  I had an uncle that got reflexology every week. When he developed a sore spot on his foot, his reflexologist insisted that he get it checked immediately.  He found that he had pancreatic cancer and he got to be included as one of the 1% survival rate of this type of cancer.



The original owner of our company had bad sciatic nerve problems, and it took him several years to design a chair feature specifically for the sciatic nerve.  We’ve had great results in relieving and alleviating the pain resulting from the nerve being pinched in the hip and leg area.  We also had requests for zero gravity and we have two ways to achieve that.  We are also the only chair with Shiatsu and Lomi massage.  Shiatsu is from Japan and Lomi is from Hawaii. 



So, relax your stress away on your own personal in home Hawaiian vacation.  



Mary & Larry

e-Motion Therapy