500 Series

The TranquiLounger's™ massage recliner delivers a new approach in massage chairs - one that incorporates comfort and design features, along with technologies that replicate the deep-tissue, rhythmical motions attributed to therapeutic healing massage - all with a contemporary flair.

550 Series

All the same attributes of our 500 model, but in a more traditional design format that looks and feels substantial. The 550 is the perfect therapeutic recliner for the big and tall members in the family.


Besides the most incredible, mechanical back massage on the market, the TranquiLounger also offers a double-sided leg rest. One side gently massages your legs without squeezing and compressing them, which can be painful and disturbing to blood clots. The other side gives the best reflexology foot massage. It’s great for people who suffer from Plantars Fasciitis. The foot massager has dual rollers with various speeds, which can be placed at different heights and angles. After a hard day of work, there is nothing like reflexology to sooth aching feet.

Comfort and Style  

We designed the TranquiLounger with the concept of creating an American style massage recliner with more comfort than other massage chairs, both during the massage and when the chair is turned off. We found that the biggest complaints about most massage chairs were aesthetics and comfort. Consumers were not comfortable with them aesthetically and they weren’t suitable for everyday living room use like reading a book or watching TV with the family. This was corrected by offering two different arm styles, modern or traditional, along with the extremely soft, thick back cushion, which can be removed for deep tissue massage.

The Importance & Value of Massage Therapy

Massage has been practiced for centuries and is currently recognized as a valid modality for a wide array of physical and emotional challenges faced by all of us at some point in our lives. Statistically, the US government estimates that 60% of the adult population has or will have a back injury or physically painful event that will adversely affect their lifestyle and ability to work. The associated cost of these conditions are said to be 90 billion dollars, mostly represented by surgeries and prescription medications. All of these solutions are well documented to produce a less than desirable outcome and are almost certain to include negative side effects. So, the question to ask yourself is this, ‘how do I control the cost and reduce the negative side effects in dealing with pain, stress and sleepless nights? The answer is easy – by incorporating regular massage therapy into your “in home wellness” routine through the use of personal massage products such as the TranquiLounger.

  • Super soft Elephant Microfiber or Faux Leather fabric upholstery

  • With the thick comfort cushion, it’s extremely comfortable even as 'just' a lounge recline

  • 3 year limited parts and lifetime frame warranty

  • Adjustable neck height for the petite and the extended leg rest for the big and tall, with a whopping 350 pound weight capacity for the big person

  • 6 massage functions: Kneading, Tapping, Combo, Lomi, Pulsate, and Rolling

  • Variable massaging width adjustments that can be positioned for the whole back, low back or neck, and shoulder areas

  • Massage strength: 10

  • Leg & foot massage incorporated into leg rest

  • Vibratory sound wave massage incorporated into the seat cushion, back, and arms

  • Four 3-D Roller Disc Massage System

  • Auto recline with separate foot rest controls

  • 12 motors offering quiet operation

  • 30” active stroke length

  • Specific sciatic nerve therapy available on no other massage chair